Red Thunder - Artist DetailYak-3 Steadfast

Yak-3 Steadfast

A World War II Soviet fighter aircraft that proved to be formidable in the art of dog fighting. Its incredibly efficient and maneuverable power-to-weight ratio allows for precision close range aerial dogfights. 

The Yak-3 Steadfast is bound to impress you with its elegant aerobatics and combat maneuvers of up to 4 Gs. It will amaze you with its world-renowned race-speed acceleration and climbing ability, which broke the international world speed records in 2011 by reaching 655km/h over a 3km course in Utah.

This aircraft will shift all your expectations and understanding of fighter jets, and maybe even aviation technology more broadly. Light and agile, yet staggeringly robust, you’ll feel like anything is possible when you’re soaring through the sky in the Yak-3 Steadfast.

Weight: Empty 4,641 lbs., Max Takeoff 5,864 lbs.
Wing Span: 30ft. 2.25in.
Length: 27ft. 10.25in.
Height: 7ft. 11.25in.
Maximum Speed: 407 mph
Range: 559 miles
Armament: One engine-mounted 20-mm ShVAK cannon
Two 12.7-mm (0.5-inch) UBS machine guns
Number Built: 4,848 (Original 1940s-era models)
Number Still Airworthy: At least 5 newly-manufactured aircraft.

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